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We help roofers, remodelers, and other home services companies book more meetings automatically through AI chatbots / AI virtual assistants.

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Our AI chatbots helps roofing companies increase bookings effortlessly. It automates scheduling, handles inquiries, and follows up with customers—letting you focus on quality roofing. Get ready for smoother operations and more growth with our tailored AI solution.


Our AI virtual assistant boosts your bookings by automating appointment scheduling and customer interactions. Focus on creating beautiful spaces while we handle the logistics. Experience a smoother workflow and grow your remodeling business with our specialized AI solution.

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Who We Are

Welcome to Dimension6 AI, your partner in the home improvement industry. Connect with potential customers on any channel with an A.I. employee, web, SMS, voice, or email.

> Virtual Booking Assistant Working 24/7
> Scalable to any size business
> Easy to setup & install
> Generate more leads for your business on autopilot

Book meetings while you work (and sleep)

24/7 Availability: AI virtual assistants operate around the clock, ensuring your business never misses a potential booking, even outside of normal business hours.

Instant Response: They provide immediate responses to customer inquiries, keeping engagement high and improving customer satisfaction.

Automated Scheduling: Streamlines the appointment booking process by automatically scheduling and confirming meetings based on your availability, reducing administrative overhead.

Lead Management: Efficiently captures and nurtures leads, helping convert inquiries into confirmed appointments through timely and personalized follow-ups.

Error Reduction: Minimizes human errors in booking and scheduling, ensuring a smooth operation and enhancing professional reliability.

Increased Productivity: Frees up your staff to focus on more critical tasks by handling routine inquiries and scheduling, boosting overall productivity.

Customized Communication: Tailors communication to match your business tone and customer needs, creating a more personalized experience for your clients.


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Read what our happy customers have to say

Skyline Roofing Services

Increased Bookings: Within the first three months, appointment bookings increased by 40%.
Improved Response Time: Response time to customer inquiries dropped from 24 hours to immediate.
Enhanced Customer Satisfaction: Customer satisfaction ratings improved due to quicker responses and seamless scheduling.

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Apex Roofing Experts

Boosted Efficiency: Automation reduced the administrative workload, allowing staff to concentrate on service delivery.
Increased Appointment Rate: Automated scheduling led to a 35% rise in confirmed appointments within the first quarter.Higher Customer Retention: Enhanced interaction and reliable scheduling improved customer retention rates significantly.

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Client Testimonials

JKS Home Improvement

Syracuse, New York

"We got an AI chatbot on and it's been a game-changer. Not that expensive, leadgens been fantastic and and I don't have to respond to inquiries anymore"

Jeff P. - Monarch Roofing

New Jersey

"The chatbot is working really great, thank you. At first I was wondering if I should try this thing or if its going to work but its handling questions like a champ"

Roger P - MC Electrical Contractors

Kansas City, Kansas

Took a few extra days to do this but I am really liking the chatbot now .. I can see its replying to my leads so no complaints so far.

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